Your game is almost ready...

This is a quizmaster tool which allows you to become a quizmaster with some fancy buttons and buzzers.

You can send out invites to contestants & teams.

When each contestant received and clicks on the link they will be asked to choose a team colour (red, green, blue, yellow) and then they will get a big coloured button which they can press to buzz in.

A contestant can only buzz in when the quizmaster starts the question by using the start button.

The quizmaster can then adjust the score for each contestant depending on how you want to score each question

At the moment, we do not provide questions or a video sharing tool, this bits up to you to organise, but we recommend something like WhatsApp.

When you click below, we will set up your unique quizmaster area.

You'll be able to send out quiz invites to your contestants on the next screen.